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Meeting dates

The Southern African Bulb group has held or will hold meetings on the following dates:

4 April 2004Epsom 
9 April 2005"The Bulb Nursery", Gatton Park, near Reigate reported in Newsletter no. 4
23 September 2007Corfe Mullen 
18 May 2008Winchester 
26 October 2008Winchester 
Spring 2009  
18 October 2009WinchesterPaul Cumbleton, Supervisor of the Alpine Department at RHS Wisley, on “A Growing Addiction: Bulbs from The Winter Rainfall Areas
Spring 2010Winchester 
17 October 2010Winchester 
27 March 2011Winchester 
23 October 2011Winchester 
11 March 2012Winchester 
21 October 2012Winchester 
7 April 2013Winchester 
6 October 2013Winchester 
23 March 2014Winchester 
12 October 2014Winchester Dr John David, Chief Scientist of the Royal Horticultural Society, on why DNA is so important these days in the classification and naming of organisms, and how it challenges us to re-think reliable characters for differentiation of species and genera and look for new features
29 March 2015Winchester Bill Squire, on his recent visit to South Africa
4 October 2015Winchester Julian Sutton, Desirable Plants nursery in Totnes, on “Pollination in South African Geophytes
17 April 2016Winchester Jonathan Hutchinson, Team Leader at RHS Rosemoor, on “Plant explorations of Ethiopia's Afromontane Forests
23 October 2016Winchester Nick Wray, curator of Bristol University Botanic Garden, on “Distribution of bulbous plants in the Western Cape
2 April 2017Winchester Bob Charman on his trip to Patagonia
8 October 2017Winchester Jeremy Spon on “The Iridaceae of South Africa
8 April 2018Winchester George Elder on “Winter-growing bulbs in cultivation and in the wild
7 October 2018Winchester Paul Cumbleton on “Growing and propagating South African winter-growing bulbs

Note that this list is not yet complete.

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