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Edited by Richard White, copyright © SABG 2004 - 2017

The sterling work of the previous Newsletter Editors, Robin Attrill (2004 - 2006), Mick Reed (2006 - 2010) and David Victor (2010 - 2015) is gratefully acknowledged.

Note that these are not web pages but are available in two versions, either as PDF files or as Microsoft Word (DOC) or Open Document Text Format (ODT) documents. They were originally prepared as Word or, more recently, Libre Office documents, but the advantage of the PDF versions is that, depending on your web browser settings, your brower may treat them much like web pages, offering to display them on-screen, and you may be able to click on the web links they contain to go directly to any web pages which are mentioned. You may also wish to read them on your tablet or even on your smartphone.

With some older web browsers or particular settings, you may have to download and save them, and then open them (PDF files in Adobe Reader or other PDF reader or Word (.doc) or ODT files in Microsoft Office Word or LibreOffice). If this doesn't work the way you want, try clicking with the right mouse button and choosing to Open or Save the file.

Word (.doc)
or ODT file
1Autumn 2004 [PDF] [DOC]
2Early Spring 2005 [PDF] [DOC]
3Spring 2005 [PDF] [DOC]
4Autumn 2005 [PDF] [DOC]
5January 2006 [PDF] [DOC]
6October 2006 [PDF] [DOC]
7March 2007 [PDF] [DOC]
8September 2007 [PDF] [DOC]
9December 2007 [PDF] [DOC]
10April 2008 [PDF] [DOC]
11June 2008 [PDF] [DOC]
12October 2008 [PDF] [DOC]
13February 2009 [PDF] [DOC]
14September 2009 [PDF] [DOC]
15February 2010
including previously separate Daubenya article
16Summer 2010 [PDF] [DOC]
17December 2010 [PDF] [DOC]
18February 2011 [PDF] [DOC]
Word (.doc)
or ODT file
19Summer 2011 [PDF] [DOC]
20November 2011 [PDF] [DOC]
21Spring 2012 [PDF] [DOC]
22June 2012 [PDF] [DOC]
23September 2012 [PDF] [DOC]
24December 2012 [PDF] [DOC]
25July 2013 [PDF] [DOC]
26December 2013 [PDF] [DOC]
27February 2014 [PDF] [DOC]
28September 2014 [PDF] [DOC]
29December 2014 [PDF] [DOC]
30February 2015 [PDF] [DOC]
31August 2015 [PDF] [ODT]
32February 2016 [PDF] [ODT]
33August 2016 [PDF] [ODT]
34March 2017 [PDF] [ODT]
35July 2017 [PDF] [ODT]
36April 2018 latest! [PDF] [ODT]
(For those of you in South Africa and other places in the southern hemisphere, the approximate seasonal dates shown refer to the northern hemisphere seasons, where Spring is around March/April and Autumn (Fall) is around September/October.)

Other newsletters

By kind permission of IBSA, copies of their newsletters are sent to SABG members by email.

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