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  • Past, present and future meetings - [Table] (11:56 13/01/2023)
    Past, present and future meetings The next meeting is the Spring 2023 meeting. Meeting dates The Southern African Bulb group has held or will hold meetings on the following dates: Date Location
  • Calendar (15:03 12/12/2022)
    Calendar This public Google Calendar shows SABG meetings and related information which you can browse through and perhaps add to your own calendar. The next meeting is the Spring 2023 meeting. * You can add our public Google calendar (called SABG) to your own private Google Calendar, so that all the SABG events will appear on your Android or iPhone smartphone or tablet, as well as at
  • Spring 2023 meeting - [Future meetings] (14:46 12/12/2022)
    Spring 2023 meeting Our next meeting will be on Sunday 2nd April 2023. More details will follow. Directions to the meeting hall. The doors will open at 10.00, and the meeting will close at about 14.30. As in previous meetings, and subject to any Government requirements or guidelines in place at the time, there will be a display table for any plants that you bring along for others to see. We will have time for some informal discussion during the afternoon, so that members can point…
  • SABG (14:44 12/12/2022)
    [//Lachenalia aloides// var. //aurea// [If you can't see the picture, perhaps your browser settings need changing.]] SABG Noticeboard * The 2022 Bulb & Seed Exchange has now closed. * [Newsletter no. 47] (October 2022) is available. Dates * The SABG Spring 2023 meeting will be on Sunday 2nd April 2023, at Badger’s Farm Community Centre, Winchester. More details will follow. * The following SABG meeting has been provisionally booked for
  • News items (14:07 11/11/2022)
    News items * I have just added Bert Zaalberg’s [ seed list], Rob Scott’s [Shire Bulbs 2022 list] and his [information sheet] and Gordon Summerfield’s [latest (2022--2023) catalogue] of South African indigenous bulbs and seeds to our Links page. [11 November 2022] * The Ephemeral 2022 Bulb & Seed Exchange is in progress. Here is the [list of seeds and bulbs which are available]. The deadline for sending requests for bulbs and seeds from the
  • Links to other web sites - [Enthusiasts' web sites] (12:47 11/11/2022)
    Links to other web sites This list of external web sites is provided in case they are of interest to members and the SABG takes no responsibility for their accuracy. Inclusion does not imply endorsement or recommendation by the SABG. The SABG does not own them and cannot control or check their contents. Please let us know if you have any comments about their usefulness or suggestions for additional sites to include in this list.

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