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Future meetings

Autumn 2021 meeting (Winchester)

The next meeting planned for Sunday 3rd October 2021 has been cancelled. We had re-booked Chris Burchall to do the talk that he was to have given in October 2019 before we had to cancel, “Rhodohypoxis - Growing, Showing and Natural Environs”. The remaining details on this page can now be read as referring to our next meeting in Spring (March or April) 2022. Directions to the meeting hall. The doors will open at 10.00, and the meeting will close at about 14.30.

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  • The most recent published newsletter is number 45 (September 2021)
  • You can read or download all the SABG newsletters from our list of newsletters

News items

  • I’ve just discovered and added the Bulbinella book by Pauline L. Perry (1999) Bulbinella in South Africa (Strelitzia 8, 78 pp.) to our Digital library page. Although Bulbinellas are not strictly bulbs, they are geophytes (with a “compact corm-like structure”) and form a conspicuous element of the flora in many areas of South Africa where true bulbs grow. I’d be interested if anyone has experience with growing them in cultivation in the UK or other areas with similar climate. [1 November 2021]
  • I’ve added Paul Lewis’s web-site to our page of Links to other web sites: don’t forget to click on “BLOG” at the top of his home page ( to see his results breeding Crocosmia and Gladiolus. It’s not a selling page, but you can contact him through the form on his “ABOUT” page to ask how to acquire his plants. [18 October 2021]
  • I’ve added a page on How to grow South African bulbs. Please let me know of any further sources of similar information. [10 September 2021]

Bulb and Seed Exchange 2021

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